Hey, I'm Derek.

I specialize in helping Everyday Superheroes like you discover the SECRET to unlocking your hidden superpowers of happiness, energy and confidence!

If you're a BEGINNER, I'll teach you everything you need to know to be CONFIDENT in the gym!


when you work with me, I'll  Help You Do Three Simple Things:


1. Get CONFIDENT in the Gym.

Learn how to perform exercises & movements properly, release tight muscles and be CONFIDENT & injury-free in the gym!


2. Find a Nutrition Plan You LOVE!

We'll work through your current daily diet and together create a custom plan that you can ENJOY for long-term results!

3. Get Amazing RESULTS.

Feel better, get healthier, reduce stress, boost confidence and become the version of yourself that you KNOW is inside you!

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Learn how your beliefs about yourself and weight loss have been holding you back and making fitness FAR more difficult than it needs to be, and lose up to 15lbs in the process!


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What Makes Me Different?

I am determined to understand you and your behaviours better than anyone else out there.

It is my passion.

I want to give you the keys to unlock your behaviour and find the ROOT CAUSE of your difficulties so you can correct them and reach your goals without so much pain and struggle.

The truth is, when you take away the obstacles that stand in your way, reaching your goals truly does become simpler.


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